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June 18, 2018    blogging writing hugo static-site

Welcome to the new 4n68r.com! A lot of DFIR folks have been taking on the Zeltser Challenge lately, no doubt spurred on by recent attendance of the DFIR Zoo Summit in Austin, TX. Back in June 2016, I even switched my blog platform following the DFIR Summit and started blogging over at Medium. Back then, I wrote:

The mobile panel encouraged folks in the #DFIR community to blog more, and while I have a blog, I don’t post much on it because I get bogged down in the technical details. I recently moved away from WordPress due to security concerns and set up a static site via GitHub Pages, but I miss the features of a CMS. Granted, there’s Jekyll, but I hate Ruby and then I have to generate static pages and push them up to GitHub. I’m looking for an “easy button” for blogging (but not for forensics!).

This is my first post on Medium, so we’ll see how this goes. My main concerns so far will be posting code and having the freedom to inject HTML when I wish to do so. Those limitations may cause me to leave Medium, but I want to give it a shot first and see how it goes. So far, it’s definitely easy.

Medium served me alright for a couple of years, but I enjoy

  • the freedom of having my own domain and complete control over my content,
  • having a static site for security purposes,
  • being able to compose primarily in Markdown (but able to inject HTML whenever I want to), and
  • simplicity.

It looks like I can finally have a static site generator that affords me all of the above thanks to Hugo. It lets me do what I want and makes it easy to do so. I’m also deploying this via GitHub Pages, so that simplifies hosting as well.

I’m not going to be taking on the Zeltser challenge—I have far too much going on in life. But I am going to continue sharing with the DFIR community through speaking/teaching, sharing code, and documenting things I learn along the way: whether through blogging or via my annotationis repo.

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