Dan O'Day

Digital forensic analyst and
software developer

I'm a GIAC Cer­ti­fied Fo­ren­sic An­al­yst (GCFA) who spe­cial­izes in pro­vid­ing serv­ices to cli­ents in the areas of Dig­i­tal Fo­ren­sics, Dig­i­tal Re­sponse Serv­ices / Cy­ber In­ves­ti­ga­tions (In­ci­dent Re­sponse), Dig­i­tal Ev­i­dence Re­cov­ery, Data Iden­ti­fi­ca­tion & Re­medi­ation, Elec­tron­ic Dis­cov­ery, and Lit­i­ga­tion Sup­port, in­clud­ing ex­pe­ri­ence serv­ing as a court-ap­point­ed neu­tral fo­ren­sic ex­am­in­er and pre­sent­ing trial and dep­o­si­tion tes­ti­mo­ny. I cu­rrent­ly work for KPMG Cyber Se­cu­ri­ty Serv­ices with­in their Cyber Re­sponse pil­lar.

I en­joy de­vel­op­ing soft­ware, es­pe­cial­ly au­to­mat­ing and en­hanc­ing dig­i­tal fo­ren­sics col­lec­tions, proc­ess­ing, and anal­y­sis, cre­at­ing case and ev­i­dence man­agement soft­ware, and writ­ing other client-spe­ci­fic data ag­gre­ga­tion, col­lec­tion, and vis­u­al­i­za­tion tools.

In my free time I en­joy spend­ing time with fam­i­ly, read­ing, learn­ing new pro­gramm­ing languages / tech­nol­o­gies, mess­ing around with am­a­teur radio stuff, discussing any interesting topic (technology, philosophy, history, religion, psychology, science, etc.), and li­sten­ing to (or play­ing) live music. Feel free to fol­low me on Twit­ter @4n68r, read my blog on Medium, check out my resume, view some of my code, or contact me.

Programming / scripting languages

Python, Go, C/C++, C#, SQL (MSSQL, MySQL, SQLite, etc.), HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Elastic Stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, & Kibana), bash, PowerShell

Speaking engagements and publications

Teaching experience

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